Another Ride of the Falling Rain Report

At the beginning of August I wrote about the Ride of the Falling Rain and today I found another very interesting report from the ride by a guy called Kev who runs his blog called Amateur Etape with Roy. They both ride for charities as well, which is perhaps one of the reasons Kev joined the ride on Islay. A quote from his report:

I have only done a couple of Sportives so far but this one was definately the most fun. We left Debbies cafe at Bruichladdich at a very sociable 10am after a quick caffiene hit to get you started. The ride is completely unsupported and open roads. The beauty of it though is none of this matters. There are few cars and they don’t tend to be in a rush. Just about every time we came across cars on a narrow road they would just pull over and wait for you to pass with a friendly wave. The whole event was then wound up at the Port Mor centre (which is also the campsite) with an evening Pasta party and a couple of beers. Special thanks should go to the velo club d’ardbeg who organise the event and have a website with all the details about cycling on Islay. If you buy the club jersey you become a life time member.

Brian will be pleased to read this report and it will hopefully bring more people to Islay for next year's Ride of the Falling Rain, and that, hopefully, is including myself as well.

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