Ride of the Falling Rain Report

Yesterday, Sunday August 3rd, was the annual Ride of the Falling Rain. brian palmer reports about this fast growing cyclo sportive event on Islay: according to the signing on sheet (picture right the mighty dave t), we had about 39 riders and it was sunny all morning - very much against the grain. by the time everyone had had coffee and the occasional bun, we set off from debbie's in bruichladdich around 10:30. although the notional distance is 100 miles, there's no rules and regulations, so you can ride whatever distance you fancy. islay's roads allow for plenty of escape routes.

with midway point being the old kiln cafe at ardbeg distillery, i'm not aware of anyone who missed out on that. ardbeg very kindly allowed all participants in the ride of the falling rain to have a dram of their finest, before setting out on the second leg. and that was when the rain started. by the time the lead peloton was half-way along the high road, it was heavy enough to stop and don rainwear - at least for those who had brought any. Continue reading....arrival at debbie's meant inner arguments as to whether to complete the last leg to portnahaven via kilchiaran, or just to make discretion the better part of valour, and stop for a soya milk cappuccino and carrot cake.

in order to allow for conversation and exaggeration of the speeds attained, we arranged for food at the port mor centre in port charlotte - pasta and some excellent desserts. we had an aprés meal collection, and raised 130 for the braveheart fund. a large portion of the visiting cycling contingent have already indicated a willingness to return for august 2nd 2009.

Gathering of the cycling heroes

The peloton takes off for their 100 miles!

More information is available on www.thewashingmachinepost.net

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