Review your Holiday Accommodation in the Islay Accommodation Directory

There are two sections on the Islay Info website where you can find accommodation such as Hotels, Self Catering Cottages, Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, Campsites, Caravans and everything in between. On the main Islay Info site you can find brief listings from the main menu. Increasingly popular however is the Islay Accommodation Directory, a database driven system with longer listings and bigger photo's. Here you can search for properties or find them via a clickable map. You can also search with options such as "Pets Welcome". Recently the Accommodation Directory received a revamp. The layout has changed dramatically, unnecessary sections have been removed and the speed has been increased a lot which make it much more user friendly.

One the most interesting features in this directory is the review system, a sort of guest book which is available for everyone to read. Most of you who have stayed in an accommodation probably found a guest book somewhere in the property. It's common practice and a friendly guesture to your hosts if you write some lines in this guest book before you leave. It gives your hosts an idea of how much you enjoyed your stay and it's pleasant for the next visitors to read about other peoples whereabouts. Sometimes you get to read some interesting tips of restaurants, nice walks or interesting places to visit. These days you don't have to limit yourself to the written guest book, there are several online facilities available to rate an accommodation such as Trip Advisor. But not everyone is looking there for accommodation on Islay, that's why you can review your accommodation in the Directory as well.

So if you have good experiences with one of the accommodations on Islay I would like to invite you to write a review. Writing a review will help future visitors and it's also a great way to thank your hosts for the hospitality you have enjoyed. You will find a "review link" under each individual listing in the directory. Thanks for your help! The Accommodation Directory is accessible via

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