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New Responsive Design for Islay Info

The Islay Info website was started around twelve years ago with a few basic pages and some pictures. Soon the website started to grow and it was time for the second version. The third makeover happened in the winter of 2009 and that was the website you know until a few days ago. It had served its purpose well for seven years but changing technologies were responsible for a new and fresh design, the fourth one. In the last month I have spent countless hours to design the new site and to transfer the almost 250 pages to the new layout.

The way we look at a website has dramatically changed over the last years. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets we started to use other devices than Personal Computers to browse the internet. But all these devices have a different screen size. The one size fits all websites of the past didn't work well on all these different new machines, that's why a new way of designing websites was started. These newer websites have a "responsive" design which means that the website itself detects the screen size of the visitors device and adepts accordingly. The good news is that, after the redesign of the Islay blog a few months ago, the Islay info site is now responsive as well and should work great on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops.

Together with the new layout there have been some changes to colours and content too. I have changed the darker blue and traded it in for lighter blue and bright yellow which I find more suitable. Also, the Islay Event Calendar is now part of the Islay Info website and runs no longer on a separate domain.

The menu system has changed as well and have pictures next to the links, such as on the Places and Activities menu. New and exciting options which had been delayed due to the upcoming change will be implemented during this year. I will keep you posted as and when they become available.

There may be a few teething problems so if you experience any issues with the site or have a suggestion please be so kind and let me know through the Contact Form. Thanks very much and I hope you enjoy our latest version of Islay Info

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