Rendezvous with Kildalton Castle Islay

I have published quite a few articles on my blog about Kildalton Castle, the now ruined building on the Kildalton Estate, currently owned by the Middletons. Kildalton Castle was a grand Victorian house built by Islay distiller and MP John Ramsay in 1870 as a home for his second wife Lucy and also as the centre of a huge estate of some 54,000 acres which included a great deal of property including both the Machrie and White Hart hotels. The estate was purchased in 1922 by John Talbot Clifton, who was perhaps one of the most colourful residents that Islay has ever known. John came to live at Kildalton Castle with his wife Violet, who he met in Peru in 1906 and married shortly after.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Neill Fraser who told me that he was the proud owner of a 1936 4 ¼ litre Bentley, purchased by Harry Clifton, son of John and Violet Clifton. Neill Fraser: "I used the Bentley to visit Islay for a family holiday about 7 years ago, and got in touch with the then current owner of Kildalton, Mr Middleton, who allowed me to drive it to the ruined house and take photographs of the car in front of the house. At that time I did not know if the car had ever visited Kildalton. However, in 2007, I was contacted by the daughter of Louis Monnier, the chauffeur to Harry Clifton in the 1930’s who showed me photos from her family albums which clearly document a trip to Islay by this car. So my hunch was correct." Neill also included several images of his beautiful Bentley in front of Kildalton Castle. It must have been a great view back then when the Bentley drove up to the Castle. Neill's images will probably bring back many memories, so thanks Neill for sharing them with us.

The 1936 Bentley parked in front of Kildalton Castle

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