Le Quattro Stagioni and Islay Single Malt Whisky

Martine Nouet will host another Whisky and Music Tasting for the third year in a row. This will be a truly sensory experience with the beautiful classical music from the Cantilena Musicians will be combined with the best Islay Malt whiskies including a very special bottle of Bruichladdich by Jim McEwan.

They have chosen to focus on the seasons this year as the famous Vivaldi’s concertos Le Quattro Stagioni (The Four Seasons) is on Cantilena programme. Each whisky will also be symbolized by one element: air for spring, fire for summer, earth for autumn and water for winter. An event not to be missed! Tickets are £15 and there are only 30 seats available so don't wait too long. Info and bookings via martine.nouet@gmail.com or phone 01 496 850 106

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