Protest against High Fuel Prices in Rural Scotland

One of this weeks headlines in the Oban Times is: "Islay and Jura Community Voluntary Service has called for islanders to sign a Scottish Parliament petition set up by a Uist newspaper concerning fuel prices on islands and in remote locations." No wonder with fuel prices going up almost daily and the areas that are hit hardest in Scotland are the remote rural areas such as the Outer and Inner Hebrides. Ian writes on his blog: "At £1.42 per litre its amongst the most expensive in the UK." I assume that is diesel which costs around £1.28 near Edinburgh, and £1.45 on the Western Isles, so that's quite a difference. On the continent diesel prices are £1.07 per litre and petrol is £1.26. This morning I read an article in the Sunday Herald that the Springbank and Glengyle distilleries in Campbeltown are stopping production due to high fuel and transport prices. Also the price of barley has tripled over the last years. Continue reading.... Since the UK government did nothing except seeing more money coming in through taxes, Am Pàipear, the community newspaper of the Uists in the Outer Hebrides, has launched a campaign on behalf of its readers and the wider community to demand the UK Government take action to reduce the cost of fuel in the islands. One of their means of protest is an online petition:

Petition by Helena Coxshall calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to make representations to the UK Government about the cost of fuel in the Western Isles and other rural areas of Scotland which are now amongst the most expensive places in the world to buy petrol or diesel; to highlight in particular the refusal of the UK Government to introduce measures similar to those operating in France which reduce the tax on fuel in very remote areas; to protest at the serious consequences which high fuel prices have for fishermen, motorists and businesses in island and rural areas and to request parity with mainland city prices.

If you feel prices of petrol and diesel are way too high, and who doesn't, please use the following link to Sign the Petition. More information is also available on the Islay & Jura CVS Website

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