Prize Competition Winners of Octomore Whisky and Framed Picture

On Wednesday 15 April I announced a prize competition because I posted blog post nr 1000 on that day, reason for a wee celebration! I had planned to do the "offical prize draw" early May but due to the birth of our baby girl on 29 April, she came almost three weeks earlier than planned, things were quite hectic and I kept postponing the prize draw, until today.

In the meanwhile the story counter has almost reached 1100 and the layout of the blog has changed quite a bit, all the more reason for the official prize draw. Let me say first that there were quite a lot of people that joined the competition and most of them submitted correct answers. Thanks for joining everyone and also for all the best wishes and positive comments I received.

The official prize draw was done today by my lovely assistant Manuela (not the woman in the picture) who drew two folded pieces of paper, each including a number, from a large bowl. Each number represented an email address, one for the winner of the bottle of Octomore and one for the winner of the framed picture supplied by Mark Unsworth of Islay Studios. The numbers inside the folded pieces of paper corresponded with an email address in a separate file, which she didn't know of. This seemed to us the fairest way to do it. And thus we came to the following results:

The bottle of Bruichladdich Octomore whisky is won by Mirko Scheunemann from Germany.

The framed picture is won by Margaret Anderson from England.

Congratulations to the both of you. Your prize will be shipped to your home address in the next couple of days.

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