Portnahaven Sunset today

Paul and Joan Graham from an Taigh-Osda sent me these two pictures of the Islay sunset at Portnahaven this evening. According to Paul the weather was very cold but still dry. He also said that Loch Ballygrant is 0.8m lower than normal. Earlier Teresa Morris told me that the weather was very quiet, cloudy, dry and cold. Very much unlike Islay in January when winter storms are as common as geese. In case you were wondering who was looking after the hotel tonight..... an Taigh-Osda is closed from Sunday 4th January to Monday 26th of January. If you want to make reservations for when the hotel re-opens have a look at the an Taigh-Osda website. Thanks Paul and Joan for the lovely pictures. Tomorrow more Islay pictures from someone who lives close to the arctic circle and worked at Kilchoman for a week in the Autumn. Stay tuned!

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