Port Charlotte Hotel New Website

Isabelle from the Port Charlotte Hotel sent me an email this afternoon to let me know that they have a new website. A good reason for me to share this information with the readers, as many of you will most likely have visited the hotel, either to wine in their excellent pub, dine in their even better restaurant or to sleep in one of their luxury rooms. The good pub guide writes: "Welcoming hotel with exceptional collection of local malts, cheery bar, lots of seafood, lovely views and comfortable bedrooms". The place is full of atmosphere, beautifully located near the beach and if you haven't been there yet make sure you do next time when you're on Islay!

Back to the new website. The new site is beautifully designed by a web design company from Argyll using lovely blue and beige colours and excellent images. The site has several pages with information about the hotel, the rooms, dining and on the homepage a section about the pub which is highly recommended: "Our residents' lounge and public bar feature open fires where guests can unwind with convivial company. A must for lovers of Scottish art and traditional music. Local musicians play regularly in the bar." And after you've had a drink in the pub and spent some time with friends, or had a nice chat with total strangers, one of the pleasures of island hospitality, you can have a great meal in the restaurant: "The food is certainly among the best on the island, a lot of people say its the best on Islay. If you're eating in the restaurant and manage to get a table on the sea side you also get a beautiful view with your meal." For more information you can visit their new website at www.portcharlottehotel.co.uk or go there in person when you're on Islay, you won't be disappointed.

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