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My Norwegian is a bit rusty, my apologies for that, but I'm still going to write something about the Polar Circle Whisky Club, or in proper Norwegian, Polarsirkelen Whiskyklubb. This Whisky Club is, like many others I guess, about being good friends, having a great time, enjoying great malts and having fun! The members are from a place in the north of Norway called Mo I Rana where the winters are long and very very cold. What better reason can you imagine to form a whisky club than living in one of the coldest parts of Europe. Petter Rønningsen, one of the members, asked me to read their website, somehow assuming that I could make sense of what I found there. After I failed to get the message, maybe, you can give it a try: "Polarsirkelen Whiskyklubb er en liten klubb med halvannen håndfull voksne, positive menn fra Mo i Rana som ikke har andre ambisjoner med klubben". As I understand it, it says something about having a good time, and play poker, but I guess after having a dram or two, the content will be much clearer :-)

This year they made the trip to Islay where they joined the Islay Festival and had a great time, as you can see for yourself on their website. Besides enjoying the whisky and distilleries they even played footbal with some of the locals, and lost, but it was close! Even if you don't understand the language, it's still worth having a look at their website. They took a lot of pictures from almost every distillery, even from the air, and there is more to come.... And if you like you can sign their guestbook and say hi!

Update March 2010 Petter sent me an email to let me know that his site is currently being translated into English. For more information click here

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Friday, 19 September 2008

Petter contacted me tonight and translated some of the text on the frontpage, thanks Petter! Here we go, a free lesson in the Norwegian language:

The Arctic Circle Whisky Club is a small club with a handful adult, positive men from Mo i Rana with no other ambitions with the Whisky club than...:
- have a nice time
- get to know Uisge Beatha - the water of life
- eat good food
- play poker
- travel together

About the food: When we meet, two of us make the arrangement. These two have to come up with a three course dinner (the best they can do), minimum two bottles of Whisky for nosing, tasting and blind test and then we play Poker. Each one puts NOK500 on the table --> NOK4000 (prox £400) in total and all of it will be placed on an account - saving for the next trip to Scotland. What about the winner of the Poker table? Well, he will go in the records and the history books be named the sponsor of NOK4000. :-) That is what this page is about

I'd rather be on Islay :-)