More Pictures of the Wild Weather on Islay

You've probably seen this coming right? Another blog post with more pictures and a Facebook video of the wild weather conditions on Islay. And it was very wild, especially last night and this morning when storm force winds were battering the island. Islay Airport reported a wind gust of 70Mph around 8 this morning, that's storm force 11. The tide was very high this morning, also swept up by the southerly winds, and the water came all the way up to the road at the head of Loch Indaal. This was especially visible outside Bowmore and even more so north of Bruichladdich at Gortan where seaweed and debris was thrown on the road by the waves which also causing flooding. The mud flats at Bridgend were also flooded and also here the water almost reached the main road. Needless to say the ferries were cancelled.... Again... The weather for tomorrow will be windy but not as bad as today and it looks like the weather will calm down in the weekend.

Lone Tree in the water at the head of Loch Indaal (near ReJig)

Waves over the pier in Port Charlotte this morning

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Difficult driving conditions for the Islay Bus

Loch Indaal outside Bowmore

The main road at Gortan (north of Bruichladdich)

Somewhat calmer conditions around noon

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