Photos of the New Machrie Hotel Islay

Now that the weather is improving and the opening of The Machrie hotel is getting nearer it was time for me to have a closer look at the progress. You can see from a distance that is has become a larger building but you can only properly appreciate the size if you walk around it. The interesting bit is that I know the old Machrie Hotel and from what I recall the new Machrie looks at least 4 times bigger overall. The place is buzzing with workers. There are currently 85 people working on the interior and exterior to get everything ready for the opening, which is planned in the summer/autumn of 2018. The bungalows, which are used by the workers, will be demolished when they are no longer needed. It's a huge project and when finished The Machrie will have 47 rooms and will boast a superb bar/restaurant; a private 30 seater cinema; function room; two treatment rooms; a sauna and a small gym.

Machrie Golf Heaven....

When I walked around the construction site I also visited the Golf Course and was utterly impressed! I'm not a golfer, done it only once, but if I would play this would be golf heaven for me. The views over Laggan Bay, the fresh sea breeze, the dunes and the sound of the waves all compliment the immaculate and perfectly maintained 18 holes course. I'm sure many golfers will be very keen to play The Machrie! Below are some impressions of the Hotel and Golf Course. Continue reading..

Machrie Hotel and Golf Course Photos - 10th of May 2018

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