A Personal Note on the Tuscania Tragedy

I've finished a new page on the Islay Info website this week about the American Monument, erected by the American Red Cross to commemorate the victims of the troopships Otranto and Tuscania. In 1918 both these ships sunk near the Oa Peninsula and many lives were lost. Now, almost 100 years later, both these tragedies are still playing an important role in the families of the diseased. Also for Alice Bailey who sent me a personal note about her great Uncle William Wright who was lost in the Tuscania tragedy.

William Wright lived in the small town of Bismark in McCurtain County Oklahoma. The town, steeped in the logging/lumber industry, celebrated its centennial in 2010 and during the festivities they erected a monument (picture) dedicated to William Wylie Wright who lost his live in Islay's waters during the first World War. What follows is the transcription of the monument wording:

William Wylie Wright

Son of James Marion Wright and Louiza Jane Blackwood Wright, was born September 27, 1890 in Jensen, Arkansas. He grew up in the McCurtain County area, working in the logging industry. On June 5, 1917, he enlisted in the U.S. Army. Trained in Ft. Travis Texas, he was assigned to the 20th engineers. Wright was aboard the U.S. troop ship Tuscania headed for France when a German submarine torpedoed and sank the ship off the coast of Islay, Scotland, Feb. 5, 1918. Wright was among those who perished. The bodies of the casualties were recovered by the townspeople of Islay and buried on the island. In 1920 he was re-interred in Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D.C. To honor this fallen hero of World War I the town of Bismark, Oklahoma was rebaned WRIGHT CITY.

Presented June 2010 in honor of Wright City Centennial Celebration.

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