A bit of the Wild Side on Islay

The Perceptive Travel Magazine is a online travel magazine where book authors and some of the best travel writers publish their travel stories from all around the world. They have won several awards and date back to 2006. Besides the online magazine they also run a blog with quality stories. On the 3rd of July Antonia Malchik from the USA wrote an excellent story about Islay titled "Mythic history and a bit of the wild side on Scotland’s Isle of Islay". It's one of the best online travel articles about Islay in my opinion. Antonia manages to give a lovely account of the island and you almost feel yourself walking over the island when you read her story. I will leave you with a wee quote but make sure you read the full story:

Islay is one of the most ideal Scottish islands. While it maintains a strong grip on modern day tourist attractions like whisky distilling and birdwatching, the comfortable hotels and seaside teahouses seem to have little impact on the true spirit of the island—both that ill-defined mythic quality and the irrefutable evidence of its long and noble history: in the center of the island you can walk past a windswept tourist cabin down a sodden path to Loch Finlaggan.

It is, however, the tremendous natural beauty and open space that keep drawing me back to Scotland. Islay is one of the most satisfying places I’ve ever been to in that respect, one I’d like to return to regularly. If I could believe in a soul, I’ve left mine in the Hebrides. When we visited Islay, my husband, in-laws and I took a three-mile walk through the Mull of Oa, the achingly beautiful tip of Islay. A huge bird sanctuary run by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Mull of Oa is so perfect it would be a crime to ever see it developed.

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