Peatzeria Islay Pizzeria Restaurant

I can't think of a better name for a Pizzeria on Islay than Peatzeria, it's carefully chosen and blends in perfectly with Islay's rich whisky past and present. And it's not only the name that is carefully chosen as you will find out for yourself when you visit this restaurant in Shore Street Bowmore. The interior is just as beautiful as the name is original and my first thought was when I entered Peatzeria for the first time that it could be just as well in the centre of Glasgow, or anywhere else for that matter. The design is just stunning and the owners made the best of the limited space available. This former church building can seat 32 people, made possible by a mezzanine floor. A further 20 seats will become available later on in May when the outdoor area will be finished which has fantastic views over Loch Indaal. I can't wait for those beautiful warm evenings! Continue reading....

The proprietors of Peatzeria are Paul and Sharon McGurl and together with their staff you can expect a very welcoming atmosphere. For the Ileach Sharon said, “I really hope local people like what we are doing. I am from Islay myself having returned from living on the mainland for over 20 years, to open Peatzeria. It means a lot to me that local people like what we have to offer and Paul and I are keen that this caters for their needs.” In the near future Peatzeria will also offer healthy school meals and a takeaway is in the plans as well. Sharon said, “We will take it one step at a time and see how things progress. There is no point in trying to do everything at once and things going wrong. It is better to perfect the first stage before adding to it as the customer experience will suffer if the staff are not coping.”

The food in Peatzeria is of a high standard and the owners have done everything to get you the best, mostly Italian, fresh ingredients for a large variety of Pizza's and other dishes. You can choose from a 12 inch one with a thin and crispy base to a 15 inch oblong romano base pizza, from traditional ones such as Margherita and Pepperoni to Islay Lobster and Scallops. You can also create your own pizza starting with a Margherita base. The Pizza's are very tasty and also the starters are delicious. And if Pizza's are not your thing you can choose from a lot of other dishes as well such as Penne Arrabbiata, Lasagne, Chicken Parmigiana and Vegetarian Risotto. There are plenty of deserts including fantastic Porrelli Italian Ice Cream and great coffees too.

Peatzeria, on 22 shore Street Bowmore, is open daily from 12noon to 10pm, serving meals all day as well as catering for those who just want to pop in for a coffee or an ice-cream. Booking is recommended as the place has almost been fully booked in the first weeks after the opening in April. To book you can phone 01496 810 810.

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