Pastmap and Isle of Islay

Although it has been around for a couple of years a recent tweet alerted me, again, of the existence of Pastmap. PastMap is an interactive mapping service which offers a single point of entry into five major databases covering the built environment in Scotland and it covers almost every building and archaeological site on Islay as well. It is operated by Historic Environment Scotland (HES) in partnership with local government archaeological curators, and includes information from an increasing variety of other sources. It's a fantastic resource and is highly recommended if you're interested in the past of any place in Scotland.

PastMap allows you to look at a number of layers of information, each from a particular source, such as Listed Building information from Historic Environment Scotland. Each layer is shown in relation to an underlying Ordnance Survey map, and can be turned on or off; this allows you to explore heritage assets across Scotland. You can choose which data sets you wish to view and use the navigation tools to explore your area of interest.

Once you have identified something of interest - such as a standing stone, a castle or a designed landscape - you can use your mouse to explore them in more detail by hovering, clicking and also selecting specific map objects. Once you have made a selection, you can choose to create a more detailed report which you can then download as a table for offline analysis.

To use Pastmap simply visit, navigate to your area of interest, zoom in, activate the layers that interest you and start your discovery into the past. It's a real gem.

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