Oz Clarke and James May on Islay

Last Tuesday Bruichladdich's Laddieblog wrote about having a celebrity 'distiller' on the stills and today brian sent me the text and pictures which he received from Mark Reynier revealing the name of the celebrity 'distiller':

Oz & James' Great British Adventure. Wine journalist and broadcaster Oz Clarke together with Top Gears' Captain Slow James May were the guest distillers on Wednesday. Following the success of their wine trips to France and America, they are making a new program based on British drinks for broadcasting on BBC2 later in the year.

Travelling in a 1982 Rolls Royce Corniche convertible - towing (while it lasted) a £250 caravan bought off the internet (who says the BBC wastes money?) - the intrepid duo spent a day with us for an unusual experiment. Our friends at Radical sport cars had provided a Radical SR4: could a car with an unmodified engine run off exceptionally pure Bruichladdich new spirit? The answer is a 0-60-in-3.5-seconds-yes. But only if it is quadruple-distilled mind.

But it's not really an economic alternative biofuel. The duty and vat charged by the government on the spirit amounts to an exorbitant £26 a litre, making today's petrol costs here of £1.50 a litre look positively cheap. And Oz and James's verdict on the taste of the X4 spirit? It simply blew their minds.

James May and Oz Clarke in the Radical SR4

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