Outrage on Social Media about Trophy Hunt on Islay

In the last days two American Hunters operating under the name of Larysa Switlyk twitter.com/@LSwitlyk posted photos on Instagram and Twitter showing off the killing of a Feral Goat and Ram on Islay, see below. Many folk were appalled by the images. Although Feral Goats are roaming around the island in many places they are not part of some sort of culling scheme and as far as I know there is no regulated hunt on Goats as there is on the Red Deer population. And besides that, there is a big difference in hunting to regulate animal populations and trophy hunting which, in their case, was for the "fun of it". Apalling indeed!

As so many people included us in their tweets I feel obliged to respond. I myself was appalled by these images as well and I question the legality of this senseless killing of animals which is NOT what Islay is about. On the other hand however, stalking and hunting does take place on estates all over Scotland, also on Islay. That's the way how some estates work and it's a way for them to make money, it also brings millions to the Scottish economy. This type of hunting is taking place within the law. Read more...

Both Mike Russell, MSP for MSP for Argyll & Bute and Brendan O'Hara, SNP Member of Parliament for Argyll & Bute, have strongly condemned this and they are both taking action to find out if this can be stopped.

In the meanwhile national media have written about the current outrage and I suggest visiting the below links for further reading:

When further info is available we'll update this article.