Orange Storm Clouds over Islay

It has been raining most of the day, in fact it has been raining most of the month or should I say winter? This winter is the worst according to some locals who have lived here all their lives. I tend to believe them! However, I don't want to sound depressing as we had a few sunny days, although they were scarce. This afternoon I went to Gruinart and did the Woodland Walk, which was enjoyable despite the rain! I saw Roe Deer, Hares, Barnacle Geese and Swans to name a few. What I also saw were snowdrops and one flowering daffodil, the first real signs of spring.

When I came home this afternoon there was a sudden orange glow on the horizon after a heavy rain shower and for a few moments the views over Loch Indaal and towards the west were very spectacular. The sun came through and the light was quite dramatic. A colourful end to a grey, wet and rather windy day. Below the "orange" skies over Port Charlotte and Loch Indaal.

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