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After weeks of hard work, well not every day of course, it's finally launch day for the new website of An Gleann, better known as Islay Tablet from Port Charlotte. Jane Mitchell, the owner of the company and responsible for creating her delicious tablet, received her first order through her online shop today, marking a new step forward to sell Islay Tablet to a wider audience and expanding her business even further. For those with a sweet tooth this must be good news, and for whisky lovers as well since Jane makes her tablets with butter, chocolate and malt Islay and Jura whisky.

Now what is this tablet and how can you describe it? I found a lovely phrase on this website:

Tablet is hard to describe if you haven't had a Scottish upbringing; it's like toffee, but not chewy, it's like fudge, but more grainy. It's basically a wee bit of heaven in an otherwise dreich country.

I don't agree on the "dreich country" but the rest of the description says it all. Jane Mitchell: "Our recipes are traditional Scottish ones which owe a debt to childhood memories. As advocates of ?slow? food, An Gleann tablet is handmade in small batches using the best quality and where possible, locally sourced ingredients. It contains no artificial colour, flavour or preservative and as such is a ?fresh? food which we make to order." For lovers of good food or malt whisky An Gleann tablet makes an ideal gift as both the Ileachs and the many visitors to Islay have found. For your wedding or function it can provide a delicious taste of Islay after a special meal.

Jane's new website holds several pages with information about the famous Islay Tablet, including a news section, contact information and more information about her company. Most important of course is the online shop where you will find a nice selection of tablet in gift boxes, bags, loose tablet and seasonal specials. Besides these products Jane also sells welcome packs, the small bags you find in some of Islay's hotels, and wedding favours in several beautiful boxes and bags, all made to order. Jane would like to invite you to have a look at her new website and online shop. The first ten customers of her online shop receive an extra welcome gift so I'd better waste no more of your time..... Visit Jane's online shop here....

Jane Mitchell presenting her delicious Islay Tablet

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