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Neil Scott from the Harbour Inn sent me the following press release regarding the opening of their new website and online shop for the Islay Slate Company. Perhaps you remember that I wrote about them earlier this year when I had just seen the slates for real. The various slates products look really nice and could make a perfect Islay christmas gift.

The Islay Slate Company: With consumer demand for natural and unique products ever on the rise, it is no surprise that the Islay Slate Company has quickly found its market niche within its first year of sales. The company is now launching its website and online shop and will be an exciting new presence at the upcoming Spring Trade Fair at the SECC in Glasgow. Continue reading.....

The Islay Slate Company have taken the concept of natural slate products a stage further by embellishing hand cut pieces with unique artwork, and personalized and corporate designs in delicate white and gold. An extensive range of placemats and coasters have been designed exclusively for the Islay Slate Company by artist Nicola Stein, whose Islay inspired drawings also feature on slate wall hangings. The effect of intricate, contemporary Celtic designs and borders on the dark, natural slate is not only stunning, but also gives the products an original Scottish quality.

The additional service of personalizing products with family crests has also been a popular choice in this 'Year of the Homecoming,' and distilleries Bruichladdich, Lagavulin and Laphroaig are already stocking Islay Slate products featuring their own respective designs, offering whisky lovers and collectors the complete 'Earth, Fire and Water' experience.

Coinciding with the opening of the online shop is the launch of the unique 'Celtic Collection,' a complete set of placemats, coasters, cheeseboards and table runner with exclusively designed matching Celtic borders. 'The response to our products has exceeded all our expectations in the first year. Director Neil Scott said: 'We are delighted that we are already getting online orders, both nationally and internationally, and we are very much looking forward to new horizons in 2010.' For more information contact Neil or Carol Scott by email at or by phone: 01496 810330.

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