Oldest Expression of Lagavulin Ever Released

Diageo has announced the ten Single Malt Whiskies that form its annual limited-edition Special Releases for 2013. Same as last year the limited edition has a good selection of Islay whiskies. Last year saw a Caol Ila 14 year old, Lagavulin 12 year old, Lagavulin 21 year old and a Port Ellen Single Malt Whisky of 32 year old. This year the Islay selection is even more exciting than last year due to the presence of the oldest expression of Lagavulin ever released by the distilleries, a 37 years old and distilled in 1976 in a dramatically limited edition of fewer than 2,000 bottles. It is flanked by a lively 12 year old Lagavulin. The 37yr old Lagavulin is yours for £1,950, the 12yr is £80.

Georgie Crawford, distillery manager at Lagavulin, said: “Lagavulin is probably the most sought-after single malt whisky in production today - universally acknowledged as one of the unchallenged grands crus of Scotch Whisky. For many years we have been unable to supply sufficient mature spirit to meet worldwide demand. So bottlings of old Lagavulin are exceptionally rare, and this year’s 37 year old is the oldest that we have ever released. Its 12 year old younger brother makes a regular appearance in the Special Releases, and has always been received with huge enthusiasm.” Continue reading...

For £70 you can be the lucky owner of this years' special Caol Ila bottling which proudly carries the subtitle “Stitchell Reserve” in honour of the long-serving distillery manager Billy Stitchell, due to retire this year. “Refill American Oak, rejuvenated American Oak and ex-bodega European Oak have all played a role in creating this special Caol Ila,” explains Billy. “It has a firm, clean and fresh style, finishing with aromatic, spicy and drying notes.” The fourth Islay whisky is an ultra-rare 34 year old Port Ellen, the 13th and oldest release from the original distillers, which comes in an edition of fewer than 3,000 individually numbered bottles for £1,500 each. More info and tasting notes are available here

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