Old Photos of Islay

Today I have a nice collection of (very) old black and white Islay photographs given to me by Bruce, a friend who lives in central Scotland. Bruce himself has a huge collection of old Scotland pictures which can be found on his Facebook page. There are a few pictures, such as the first one titled Ardentinny, which I can't properly identify so hopefully you can add your comments below the pictures on Facebook. Below are a few of the most interesting pictures and the full collection, 24 pictures, can be found on Facebook.

Port Askaig



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A Cottage, Heatherhouse perhaps?

Thatched Cottage at Loch Gruinart

Port Ellen

Port Ellen

Port Charlotte

Ardentinny. Update: Some friendly folk over at Facebook pointed out that this picture is not from Islay but from around Dunoon, nice nevertheless!

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