Off to Islay

The waiting is nearly over.... This afternoon the ferry takes us to Hull in England where we hope to arrive early Friday morning. We then drive to Dalmally to a B&B and leave for Islay on the Saturday morning ferry. We have planned three weeks on Islay and I hope to bring you lots of daily images and perhaps even videos from the island. I probably won't post updates but if all goes according to plan I have one unique special this coming Saturday here on the blog. Make sure to visit!

Of course I will try to post lots of images, they will not appear here but on my Islay Holiday Blog. Updates on the Posterous Blog will be announced on Twitter and on Facebook. Another space where you can expect new Islay pictures is the Social Media site Picplz which will be linked to Islay places in Foursquare.

So far the updates, pictures, social media sites etc. This will be a special Islay trip for us since Annika is now two years old and she loves the sea and the beaches, so you can imagine we will spend a lot of time there. Regular udpates on the blog will start again in the last week of May. See you on Islay :-)


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