Off on Holiday

Our Bags are packed and (most) ferry tickets are booked. We will be taking off this afternoon for a four week tour of Scotland in a motorhome, the one below in the picture. It's all very exciting since we've never done this before! We have planned to visit the Outer Hebrides, the entire west and north of Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Islay, Orkney and Fife, not necessarily in that order.

Our home for the next weeks

This means that I will take a long break from blogging, the longest break since the blog started exactly six years ago. We will be back in the second week of June. In the meanwhile you can stay up to date with Islay news through the Islay Daily Newspaper, and there is of course a huge archive with almost 2,000 blog posts! Don't forget to download the latest "What's on on Islay", it includes a four week list of events as well as the Islay Festival programme. All the best for now, we hope to see some of you on Islay or elsewhere in Scotland.

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