Octomore - Sold out before it was Released

The credit crunch and subsequent financial difficult times apparently don't apply to Bruichladdich Distillery. How else can you sell 6000 bottles of Octomore whisky, the world's heaviest peated malt, before it's even released? And I confess, I'm one of the lucky 'aficionados' that can expect a posh bottle of heavily peated Octomore Malt before Christmas. And you can bet I'm looking forward to that! Mark Reynier sent the following press release this evening:

Bruichladdich distillery announce the release today of the world’s the most heavily peated whisky ever. The inaugural bottling of Octomore, a single malt Scotch whisky distilled at Bruichladdich from barley peated to 131 ppm, is three times more peaty than any other whisky ever produced. 6000 bottles were produced at natural cask strength of 63.5% ABV, selling at £79 a bottle. Such was demand amongst ‘peat freak’ whisky aficionados that stocks were sold out before the whisky was released.

For those of you who want to make the calculation, its £474.000. Not bad huh?

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