Armin's Octomore Futures from Bruichladdich

After the great news from Ardbeg Uigeadail being announced World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray and the third release of Port Charlotte Single Malt from Bruichladdich it's now time for another whisky related item. Armin, who bought Octomore Futures a while back, received his case with twelve bottles of Octomore 2002 this autumn, and he created a youtube video about the opening and tasting of one of his bottles. Octomore is the heaviest peated Islay Malt Whisky so far and from the looks on his face you can see that he is really enjoying it. A quote from the Bruichladdich website explains a bit more about the peat levels in Octomore:

Port Charlotte, the moderately peated version (40 ppm) of Bruichladdich, produced in homage to the original Bruichladdich of 1881, was distilled for the first time in May 2001. Following the success of Port Charlotte, we thought the world needed to see the maximum phenolic content that could be achieved. What would Bruichladdich’s tall-necked stills make of this – the most heavily peated malt ever? Only one Maltings was able to rise to the challenge, and one load of this very peaty malt was delivered for distillation. Originally we hoped it would be 60ppm, then it was rumoured to be 70ppm – but we were amazed to discover after analysis, that it was a staggering 80.5 parts per million! Rather fitting too, bearing in mind the name we had already chosen for it. This most heavily peated version of Bruichladdich was born on Thursday 3rd October 2002 and was christened Octomore, in memory of the long forgotten distillery.

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008
It certainly was a wise decision to buy the futures, even though I was fairly late in buying them (To my knowledge there were only about 10 or so left when I bought them). At least in my eyes (or should I say mouth?) it is a very nice and drinkable whisky.

Good to see you like my video, I was a bit nervous about the reactions it would get when I put it up.



Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Hi Armin, yes I did like the video and I'm sure it took some courage to make it, but it's great that you did! It's also good that you keep the bottles for yourself and not "wacking them directly on to ebay" as Mark said. I wasn't aware of this at the time but when something similar comes up I will really try to participate. You have some very special bottles of whisky which you should cherish!


I'd rather be on Islay :-)