Hey Ho lets Oa

We are all dressed up and ready to go! The title was inspired by a song from the Ramones (don't ask me why). Today I thought I'd post a video and new panorama image from the Oa peninsula. The Oa is a peninsula located south of Port Ellen and is one of the most beautiful areas on Islay. The Oa is remote, has something mysterious, is quiet and lonely, is a place where terrible tragedies happened and where wildlife such as choughs, golden eagles and the marsh fritillary butterfly can be seen. The Oa is also an area of outstanding natural beauty with its own RSPB nature reserve, impressive sea stack, ancient chambered cairn, the tallest cliffs on Islay and in the old days the Oa had a population of almost 4,000 people. All these things makes this part of Islay one of the places that should be listed high on your itinerary. I have tried to capture the mysterious atmosphere and historic events in a video which I created a while back.

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The main reason for this post however is not the Oa video but the new Islay panorama image I created from Lower Killeyan, on the southern part of the Oa Peninsula. This is a beautiful area on Islay and the beach is a fantastic place to spend a couple of hours. There is plenty of wildlife and there is a cave in the rocks near the beach. Access to the beach is easy. At the end of the road walk to the right and downhill at the same time, you are on the beach in ten minutes!

Oa Peninsula Islay Panorama
Click on the image for the full size panorama

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