Nightboat to Port Askaig Islay

I know some of you think of the nightboat to Cairo, a song by the band Madness, when you read the title, but now Islay has its own nightboat. Due to the repairs of the MV Clansman, the crankshaft has to be replaced (image right), the one ferry timetable currently operating between Kennacraig and Islay will last at least until the end of July. Calmac announced several additional sailings today and one of them is a night sailing from Kennacraig to Port Askaig and back. The nightboat to Port Askaig will leave Kennacraig at 01.30 and arrives at Port Askaig at 03.35 where it returns for Kennacraig at 04.00.

Another additional sailing, operated by the MV Lord of the Isles, is the Oban to Port Askaig sailing on Monday which returns to Oban on Tuesday, see the schedule below:
Depart Oban 1700 - arrive Colonsay 1920
Depart Colonsay 1930 - arrive Port Askaig 2035
Depart Port Askaig 0630 - arrive Colonsay 0735
Depart Colonsay 0750 - arrive Oban 1010

Please be adviced that due to the one ferry timetable, daytrips to Colonsay are not possible on Wednesdays until the two ferry timetable has been restored. Perhaps the Hebridean Air Service can provide a good alternative.

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