News from the Islay Museum

Jenni Minto writes: Opening the Museum on Tuesday afternoons in February has proved to be a great success with around 80 people, the vast majority local, visiting. On one afternoon there was a queue of people waiting for the Museum to open its doors!

The Museum received some fantastic objects during the month to enhance its collection and illustrate how life on Islay has changed. We have the challenge of incorporating a horse’s harness and bridle crafted by the Port Charlotte saddler, Peter Campbell, as part of the display of his tools. Also, a child’s tackety boot and a “Let Glasgow Flourish” clay pipe from a Glenegedale peat moss have been donated and will fit very nicely into current displays. We received some objects two handwritten poems by the Kilchoman Bards, which will be included in a display about Islay people.

From the Coast Guard station in Port Charlotte, the Museum has inherited a map chest constructed for the MoD in 1970. When it arrived, it was painted a recognisable “Rhinns blue”, but, thanks to painstaking work by Aileen and David McLellan, it is now a warm teak colour: a perfect cabinet to display objects and store the Museum’s collection of maps.

A big thank you to everyone who made these open Tuesdays such a success: those who visited, the children who did our quizzes, those who donated objects and those who came and told stories. Throughout March, we will be improving the display space and creating some new displays. We open for the season on Monday 30 March, Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 4:30, until the end of October. We hope to see you at some point during this time.

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published with kind permission of the ileach