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It was in the autumn of 2008 when I had a very pleasant meeting in Kilmeny's church with Revd Steve Fulcher and session clerks Duncan McAuslan and Marsali Thomson. The reason for this meeting was that the churches of Portnahaven/Port Wemyss, Port Charlotte and Kilmeny were in need of a new website and I volunteered to build them one, based on a design written down by Steve Fulcher. The name for this new website turned out to be and I started working on the site in the winter of 2008. It was great to cooperate with Steve, Duncan and Marsali and I think the site turned out really well. There are several sections such as history, events, activities, worship, links and contact details. For the news section I choose to install a Wordpress blog and the first two news items are online. The new site was finished early 2009 but up till now it was never properly introduced to the readers of this blog. I contacted Steve and he was kind enough to write a proper introduction for the new website for which I'm very grateful.

Revd Steve Fulcher: Welcome to, the website of the Church of Scotland parishes of Kilchoman, Kilmeny and Portnahaven. Three distinct communities, but working together on the glorious island of Islay, where the Christian faith has been practiced since the Celtic monks came from Ireland 1400 years ago. There are many ancient church ruins and Celtic crosses around the island which bear witness to their faith, which we continue. Continue reading.....

Sunday worship is at the heart of all we do, and we seek to combine traditional and contemporary styles, so that all feel welcome, whatever their background, or none. I trust you will find a warm welcome if you visit any of our congregations. Many visitors come to us from all around the world, but particularly those with a Scottish, or particularly Islay heritage. The parish graveyards may contain remains of your ancestors, and the Islay Family History Society may be contacted by those wishing to discover more. But we are here to serve all in the name of Jesus.

I hope you find this site interesting, and if you wish to contact us, please use the information given to do so.

May God bless you richly,
Revd Steve Fulcher, M.A.
Parish Minister

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