New Spirits from Islay

Wild and magic Islay travel company are offering visitors the chance to experience new spirits from Islay – but these spirits don’t come out of a bottle; Spirit of the Land, Spirit of Gaelic and Culture, Spirit of the Distilleries and Spirit of Islay are three and four day short breaks being showcased by the new venture. Rachel MacNeill, who stays in Bowmore, is the driving force behind Wild and Magic Islay.

Rachel said; ‘I had the idea for the business last year when I was in the Himalayas. I met a guy who took people on short trips in the mountains. He took them right out into nature, out into the hills, with nothing but the empty, blue sky above their heads. They felt the changing elements of weather on their skin, and slowed right down until they started to feel the essence of the land they were in.

I wanted to offer people that kind of experience on Islay, but at the same time coming back to a very comfortable bed at night! A sort of luxurious Islay safari - and so, Spirit tours were born. But we couldn’t have spirit tours without involving distilleries - so we created an in depth, deluxe whisky experience in Spirit of the Distilleries. Then, one of my friends mentioned people were always asking about peat, and I thought – Islay is full of peat and the visitors probably don’t know much about it, lets have Peat Cutting, Drying and Stacking Workshops and show them how it works. Continue reading....

The whole venture seems to have taken on a life of it’s own. Every single person with whom I have discussed Wild and Magic Islay with has given me a suggestion or idea to better improve the business. I feel it is very much a community project. It is all the people involved making lovely food, providing their peat cutting and photography skills, offering local knowledge, accommodation and Gaelic songs. It is the people who make me laugh and are helping chose a vehicle, and those with computer and website expertise. It is the people who help with marketing and advertising and the many other talented people involved. It is ALL these people, far and near, who really make it Wild and Magic Islay.

So, if the visitors who come on the tours and the workshops, or those who want to stay in our TIPI, have such a good time as we do – then Wild And Magic Islay will be a great success! You can see more about us at We also have a Facebook page and you can follow us on Twitter

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