New Photoblog from Islay

I won't say I told you so but it was only a matter of time before a new Islay photoblog would start up....

A little over a year ago, on the 6th of February, I wrote about Ewan Graham from the Ballygrant Inn. Back then I wrote about his images on flickr and the fact that I was impressed by them, and I still am. In the meanwhile I had the pleasure to meet Ewan and his dad personally in the Ballygrant Inn when we were over last October. We had a very nice dinner, a lengthy conversation with Ewan and his father and as a result we had a lovely evening, thanks for that, we will be back soon!

Back to the new Islay Photoblog. Ewan decided to join the growing group of Islay photo bloggers and registered his photoblog at under the name The first images look very impressive and Ewan told me that he is planning on posting a new image everyday, which is great. I look forward to seeing them very much, even more so because he lives in one of my favorite areas of Islay. Make sure to add his news feed to your news reader.

We now have two photoblogs directly from Islay with hopefully daily updates, the first one from Mark Unsworth and now the second one from Ewan Graham. And I still wonder when the third one comes online..... To be continued!!

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