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New Owners for The Bowmore House B&B Islay

At this very moment a new family is moving to Islay and they are expected to arrive this week, on Wednesday to be precise. The family I'm taking about are Andrew and Alison Jackson and their two girls, the new owners of The Bowmore House B&B on Shore Street. Andrew contacted me a couple of weeks ago and I've asked him if he would be willing to make an introduction for my blog and he agreed so here we go:

Andrew: "I am brought up on the North York Moors, educated at a Quaker school, a College on the south coast of Spain and then an agricultural school in Northumberland! I got my law degree at Newcastle Polytechnic and then spent the last 21 years working in the Courts Service as a solicitor legal adviser to the Magistrates, in Cleveland, Cambridgeshire and Cumbria. I'm married to Alison, who I met at work and we have two girls about to start the primary school in Bowmore. Alison, born in Cumbria, brought up in Cheshire then returned to Cumbria. She worked in Human resources in the court service until went on a career break four years ago to be a full time mum. We first came to Islay in March 2009 and, walking through the front door of The Bowmore House B&B, we felt at home immediately and worked ever since to be able to move to Islay. Continue reading.....

The Bowmore House was built around 1898 as the Royal Bank of Scotland. The bank manager on his passing left Mrs Beaton, who had brought up five children in the property, she opened it as the Royal Hotel. In the sixties we believe it became the Marine Hotel and later for a short while the Marina's hotel. Most locals know it as the Marine Hotel. The current owners Ian and Mavis Munro have ran it discretely as a bed and breakfast, and are moving on to Freeport at Port Askaig to enjoy a well earned retirement. We wish them well and know we can rely on them for continued support. We hope to do nothing that may tarnish it's good name and reputation and will strive to build upon it and continue The Bowmore House's colourful history by adding our own charm.

We want to source as much as we can locally. Ailsa of Spirited Soaps and Jane Mitchell of An Gleann tablet are providing their produce for the guests to enjoy. Local photographer James Deane is dressing the walls with his magnificent artwork. A special panorama of Bowmore town will be a feature of the breakfast room, and stunning acrylic prints in the bathrooms will add something very special. We do hope to support as many local businesses as we can, the local butchers, the newly established laundry service to name but a few. We are very excited and look forward to starting up our new life on Islay."

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