New Islay Whisky Documentary

The following is a press release sent to me by P-O-K who are promoting their new documentary of which I earlier posted a trailer: "Postorgasmickitchen aka P-O-K is specialized in producing commercials, corporate films and documentaries. P-O-K brings you the most exclusive, high-end, luxuriously packaged documentary ever made about Whisky. The documentary “WHISKY: the Islay edition.” yearns for a chesterfield and a glass of whisky as it transports the viewer to a sanctum of the Scottish gold. It doesn’t just inform us about whisky, it evokes the finesses of the liquor, the art of tasting, the craft of distillation, the history of the distilleries and the richness of the isle of Islay itself.

“WHISKY: the Islay edition” is part of a series about the magic of the golden liquid called whisky. The first documentary takes us to a small Scottish island called Islay. It is the home of 8 world famous whisky distilleries. Whisky consists mainly of peat, water, barley and most importantly, it is made by people. All of these ingredients are found on the Islay island. This island close to Ireland is 25 miles long and has a wide variety of landscapes, animals and historic sites. Continue reading....

The complete process of making whisky is divided in 8 parts. The different distilleries represent each a part of this process. The 8 world famous distilleries are (in order of appearance): Ardbeg, Kilchoman, Bowmore, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Laphroaig, Lagavulin and Bruichladdich. Each distillery has its own distinguished style of making whisky. The story gives us an overview of how the 8 distilleries operate, how whisky is made, the history behind it, how to do a whisky tasting and of course the magical island of Islay itself.

“WHISKY: the Islay edition” is on sale at the webshop on and . For the mere sum of 29.99 euro you get a delightful documentary. The box contains a BLU-RAY (Full HD 1080p 24fps) and a DVD encased together with a booklet in a stylish cover with details of the distilleries, tasting notes, signature fields, certificate of ownership and one free Whisky at the Glengarry offered by Bob Minnekeer (picture). That fits well between the yearning bottles of your Whisky collection. Each copy has its own unique serial number printed on the box."

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