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The new Islay Image Gallery is Ready

The world of computers and internet has changed dramatically since the arrival of smartphones, tablets and with that a larger variety of browsers. In the "old days" a website either worked or didn't work and if it did you'd be ready for some time. Nowadays websites need to adapt their behaviour to the "client" being your device. This means that there will be a gradual change of designs on some of the Islay Info websites to make sure everyone will be able to get the best possible user experience. Recently I have completed the changeover of the Islay Gallery, the place where most of my Islay images are posted. In this case changing over brought some more advantages and new options. The layout has changed to a more modern and minimalistic style, the galleries can be viewed in all sorts of ways, I have chosen for the "grid view" which allows perfect visibility on all devices. Now to end the technical blabla, in my opinion there is no better way to promote Islay better than through the eyes of a camera so the new Islay Gallery has hundreds of stunning images in several different "grid style" galleries such as:

On top of all the beautiful galleries there is also a Photo Blog where special pictures will be introduced before they end up in one of the galleries. And as this is an ongoing project more and more pictures will be added on a regular basis so all the more reason to come back every now and then. The new site can be reached via the same url: www.islaygallery.com. I look forward to welcoming you there. Thanks for visiting.

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