New Islay Ferry in Port Ellen

Due to work on my Scotland website I skipped yesterday's post but it was for a good cause. I spent hours working on the Scotland Image Gallery and of course I have uploaded many Islay pictures in the Scottish Islands section so I've done a fair bit of Islay promotion there as well.

Now back to the main reason of this post. Because of problems with the distribution of the Ileach PDF this weekend I can't tell you the exact details yet but Archie, member of the blog, wrote in the Islay forum that the new Islay ferry will dock in Port Ellen too, despite everything that is told earlier. This must come as a big surprise since it's only weeks ago that Lord George Robertson received a letter from First Minister Alex Salmond in which he said that no extra investments would be made at Port Ellen, giving the new ferry no possibility to dock in Port Ellen. But all of a sudden it will and this is good news for the people of Port Ellen and I believe this is what most people really want. Here is what Archie wrote: "Meeting on Thursday night in Port Ellen announced work will be done at the pier that will take the new ferry. Not the big elaborate plans originally produced but enough to let the ferry and barley boats use the place at the same time. Looks promising." And sounds promising too if I may add. I hope that the Ileach will arrive soon and when it does I can tell you hopefully all about the changed plans.

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