New Islay Event Calendar

Islay Event CalendarWhen I started this Islay Blog many years ago the software back then offered a basic calendar function in which I included many events on the island. Over the years I've seen a good rise in the number of annual events as well as weekly events, for example those from the RSPB and the Islay Natural History Trust. Creating all these events in the present blog software is rather time consuming, each entry had to be added separately. And besides that, the current calendar view wasn't the most pleasing one for the eye and slightly difficult to view on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Therefore time for a change!

A few days ago I started a dedicated website for the Islay Event Calendar with a focus on the visitors of the island. The new Event Calendar is very user friendly and shows the current month right on the homepage. With a simple click on one of the arrows next to the month's name you can scroll forward and backward between the months of the year(s). This makes it hopefully easier to get a good overview and not miss out on any of the interesting events. Most of the known events as of today have been entered into the system, some of them however are not yet confirmed. There will be regular updates of new events so make sure to check the latest version before you head over to the island.

A very nice feature if I may say so is the PDF print facility. With a few clicks on the print button the system generates a PDF file which you can download and save for future reference, very handy to keep it on your mobile device! Enjoy and welcome on

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