New Images of Islay Ferry MV Finlaggan

Since the Autumn, the Remontowa Shipyard has been installing all the machinery and pipelines in the new vessel and fitting the engines which each weigh 43 tonnes. The one piece mezzanine car deck has also been fitted into position. All of the tanks and void spaces have been painted, from bare steel to their final coating. The ships external areas have had undercoats applied and the final coating will be applied late Feb/early March. Electrical cables have been fitted throughout the vessel and will be connected to the various pieces of equipment. Work is also taking place inside the vessel on the crew accommodation and passenger lounges. Dock trials began on 18th December and are due to run until early March, when the ship will be docked then prepared for sea trials. John Salton of CMAL was kind enough to send me the latest pictures which give you an idea of how the ship is taking shape before she will head for Islay late spring/early summer 2011. John also wrote in his email that temps are averaging -24c at night and -15c during the day, luckily most of the work has to be done inside.....

The lounge of the MV Finlaggan - Continue reading.....

The carpets

Pipes in the Engine Room

The Lounge

The Lounge

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