Islay Nature Report 1 March

When important scientists gather everybody gets excited, there are lots of questions and new ideas to be sought, discovered and shared. It is spring and although there are numerous Barnacle geese, it is the Greenland Whitefront geese that bring these important folks to Islay. The have come here from Eire, Iceland, Scotland and Greenland. These countries are the ones that all play a part in the great Islay goose circus.

The problem that they all have been discussing is the number reduction of these birds. Hunting has been stopped so there is much head rubbing as to why this situation has come about. Is it pressure by Canada Geese in greenland? Is it habitat loss? Or is it global warming? Who knows? But this is why they have been here.

In the meantime I head out of doors, Scaup on the sea, a handful of Gannets up the loch and Great Northern Divers too. The sun rises ever earlier and so do the geese passing over the house. Regularly every morning to feed in the fields behind our abode. These pastures have been left, not grazed, by the geese for several weeks and have become green once again. It is as if they knew they needed them now. Amazing. Fresh and tasty to Barnacle tongues they fly in, large flocks and like black and white stones they occupy the verdant hillside and munch. It is a joy to behold but even more so when they fly back to their roost, the sun setting and the spectacle of noise and flight occupying the whole sky. Magnificent.

This is what it is about to me, nature is here, if you can spend a bit of time looking for it. Sometimes we spend, i my opinion worrying about imponderables and creating lots of greenhouse gasses flying to meeting to discuss natures problems. If we are not part of the solution then we must be part of this problem. There must be better ways for achieving a betterment for nature. In the meantime we find that one species is failing - others gain from this and maybe, just maybe this part of the great matrix. Who knows?

I think i will just go out and watch nature before it all disappears. Afterall, the geese are flying.

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