Islay Nature Notes 14 September - When the Sun Shines....

....Everything seems to feel better.

Jez was busy last night and sent me the Islay nature notes this morning. They are a nice follow up on yesterdays weather related post. It's always amazing to see how weather can change someone's mood and it's not necessarily so that only sunshine makes people happy. Some people actually enjoy rain and others, like me, enjoy changeable weather with bright sunny spells and occasional showers. It brings a smile on my face when mother nature presents me with dramatic skies, bright spells and an occasional rainbow. The image shows the Ballygrant village store on a lovely and sunny afternoon. Click for large image in Picture Blog

Jeremy Hastings, Islay's Wilderness Guide: After days and days of rain, on the mainland there has been, in parts of Argyll rain for forty days! However although the ground still holds plenty of water the farmers have cut silage and barley - much to the grand sighs of certain independent distilleries that pride themselves on local produce. They will be very happy! Swallows, Starlings, Rooks and Gulls enjoy the uncovering of insects and can be seen in all fresh cut fields. Golden Eagles thermal high above Red Deer on the high hill. Also, with other areas full of seeds there are large flocks of finches. Interestingly we were watching very large flocks (a couple of hundred) of Twote and Goldfinches at Upper Killeyan on the Oa Peninsula only yesterday. It seems that after many years of hard work developing the farm the RSPB are getting paid back with large numbers of wee birds. Continue reading......

Of course, unlike commercial farms, the RSPB can diversify and concentrate on programmes that do not necessarily have to be productive from a fiscal point of view. For cultivated places this can only be good as diversification in the landscape enables plenty of biodiversity. There is plenty of diversity wherever one looks, and, it is often remarked upon. Birds and other creatures as well as wild flowers are not necessarily in the sole ownership of the nature charities. Wildlife does not 'do' monopolies! Farms and estates also hold huge biodiversity and have large but unrecognised responsibility for their good husbandry. So look, look everywhere, for here on Islay you will be surprised! Enjoy!

Showers, some bright spells and a rainbow at the Sound of Islay

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