Music Dedicated to Islay

People go to great lengths to show their appreciation for the beautiful Isle of Islay. They take beautiful pictures and put them online, some build websites or start a blog, others become owner of a square foot of land and ask their girlfriend to marry them on that same patch and then there are the poets, writers, nature lovers, whisky drinkers and many more who fell in love with the island and try to find an original way to share that love with others.

I didn't mention composers in the paragraph above because I will mention one of them here. His name is Vittorio Sabelli, he is from Italy, and he contacted me about a week ago to let me know that he has composed a song dedicated to Islay titled "Islay Sky", how about that? He wanted to send his album to the major of Islay but unfortunately Islay doesn't have one, so I offered him a space on this blog where he could present his music to the people of Islay. I also include another song related to Islay, it is called "Whisky Woman". For more information on Vittorio's CD have a look here. Below are the embedded players where you can listen to his tracks. Enjoy!

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