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Mundell is the Islay and Tarbert based freight company. Mundell's lorries, and buses, can't be missed as soon as you passed Tarbert on your way to Kennacraig and of course on Islay as well. They are after all the ones that ship the whisky from most Islay distilleries to Glasgow where it's bottled, so you are likely to see them on the ferry as well. I picked up an interesting story about Mundell about a special lorry they have been, or still are using. The story appeared on the Big Lorry Blog. Here is a wee quote:

The problem Mundell had was that the main traffic coming off Islay was whisky in bulk tanker. While the only traffic going onto Islay was assorted dry freight for the folk living there. Obviously the two don't mix so in 1996, he worked closely with Clayton Tankers who built him two so called 'Super Tankers'. "They both look like curtainsiders," Jim Mundell says, "but pull the curtains back and you'll see that the bottom half is a normal stainless steel tanker. This is loaded with whisky on the island for delivery to the distilleries and bottling plants on Scotland's main land.

The Image is courtesy Big Lorry Blog. Follow this link for the full story.

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