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Morrison Square Bowmore Panorama Image

I can imagine that some of you are curious about the changes that took place on Morrison Square in Bowmore. I can say that the changes are huge and appreciated by most people who I spoke on Islay. Some comments were that it's a waste of money, others didn't like the bins and some were worried about the soil that could be spilled over the pavement but like I said, most people like the new square, me included. The panorama image I made isn't perfect but it should give you an idea of the new layout of Morrison Square.

Morrison Square Bowmore - Click the image for the full panorama

The centre of the new square consists of a beautiful map of Islay which, very unfortunately, contains a wee error. The village of Keills is spelled as Kellis but apart from that small mistake it looks beautiful!

The map of Islay at Morrison Square

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