More Lights on Loch Indaal

Lights on Bowmore pier have always been on the Bowmore Harbour Association?s wish list, but other demands on the limited funds available has always meant that dredging and repairs have generally?taken priority. Until, that is, Diageo?s Islay Committee, who administer the ?Supporting Local Communities? fund very generously decided to award the Harbour Association ?3000 towards the cost of providing lights at Bowmore harbour. In addition, over the past few years, Roberta and Duffie MacNeill at the Lochside Hotel have also raised thousands of pounds towards the cost of the lights and other harbour projects. So?it was only fitting that on the very wet and windy night of Friday 7th December, to the skirl of Alastair Currie?s pipes, Roberta MacNeill threw the switch and turned on the harbour lights for the first time. This was also something of an historic occasion for the village, since there have not been lights on Bowmore pier since the RAF left in 1945. The Bowmore Harbour Association, which has recently been awarded a substantial ?Awards for All? grant to carry out a Feasibility Study looking at the long term sustainability of the harbour project, would like to thank Kevin Sutherland, Diageo?s Islay Group Manager, Rop MacDougall, Iain Campbell, John McIntyre and Roberta and Duffie MacNeill for making the lights a reality.

This story was published with kind permission from the Ileach local newspaper.

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