More Passengers and Flights at Islay Airport

Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd (HIAL) published their annual report today. These annual reports are not the most exciting reading material so I extracted some information and key figures for Islay. The report says the following about Islay: "Total passenger movements increased by 4.7% due mainly to Loganair operating more scheduled rotations and achieving higher passenger load factors on the Glasgow route, including the introduction of a Sunday service. In addition to the increased scheduled traffic the popularity of the island as a destination for private light aircraft saw fuel sales of Avgas increase from 8,780 litres in the previous year to 11,658 litres in 2007/08.

The total aircraft movements are 2,701 which is a rise of 4%. This is split up as follows: Fixed Wing 1,692 +1%, Rotary 108 +74%, Positioning 830 +6%, Other 55 +62% and Military 16 -62%(*Other includes business aviation flights, executive, fleet, freight/cargo, private & club, training, etc.) The total number of passengers handled by Islay Airport was 29,808 which is an increase of 5%.

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