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Voting in the poll continues and already it's clear to see where this is leading to. With 46 votes so far the name Isle of Islay received 28 votes, Finlaggan received 7 votes and Lochiel 5 votes. An interesting result so far, not surprising though, and the poll will continue well into next week. When we've reached 100 votes or more I will send the results to the Ileach newspaper and CMAL so keep on voting! Update: I just received an email from a friend on Islay and he suggested, after discussing it with others, that Queen of the Hebrides would be a fine name for the new ferry as well. A good choice if I may say so. I have added this name to the poll!

MV Lord of the Isles at Port Ellen.

In the meanwhile Gordon from Spirit of Islay started a new topic in the forum about the naming of the new Islay ferry and in particular about the possiblity that the new Islay ferry could run from Oban and not Kennacraig. Nonse or not, it is something that is proposed by councillor Douglas Tott in an email to CMAL and therefore has to be taken seriously. For those of you who want to contribute to the discussion about names and routes, or just read opinions from others, I welcome you in the Islay Forum.

There is more ferry news and it has something to do with the current ferries. Elliott Bowman of Islay Sea Shipping told me that the MV Hebridean Isles is away to dry dock in the Clyde for her annual overhaul. Usually the Islay service would go down to one ship but the MV Lord of the Isles came down from Oban to take the place of the Hebridean Isles. The image in this post is courtesy of Elliott Bowman and shows the MV Lord of the Isles arriving in Port Ellen. Thanks Elliott!

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