More Beautiful Islay Snow Images

I know, I'm running a certain risk of boring you to death with even more snow images from Islay, but on the other hand I'm convinced the majority of the readers will love the way winter has changed the already beautiful island to an almost fairy tale place. Take the two images I have for you today. The first one is from James Deane who already sent the stunning stars image yesterday. James lives at Islay House Square in Bridgend and this is the view from a bedroom window. The light is so beautiful and you can clearly spot the bright lights of the christmas tree in front of Elizabeth Sykes' shop. A beauty of a picture. The second picture is taken by Jessica-May Fletcher and shows the Paps of Jura in a way many of us will never see. Another stunning image and I'm happy to post them on the blog and to show you what a fabulous place Islay can be in the winter!

Islay House Square Bridgend by James Deane

Paps of Jura from Persabus by Jessica-May Fletcher

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