Islay Weather Stations and Current Weather

Due to the continued adverse weather of the last days there were some ferry cancellations and diversions which I try to post on Twitter as soon as I get the information from Calmac. It's always interesting, especially as a weather enthusiast, to see what type of wind conditions make Calmac decide to divert or cancel ferries. So when I checked the weather today I realised that I haven't written much about the weather websites where you can find the latest weather reports, so time for an update! Be warned though, this is not going to be an extensive listing of weather related links but merely an overview of the weather related websites that I like to visit to get an idea of the current weather, rainfall and tides. I hope you find them of any interest. If you have another website that is worth mentioning here please send me an email.

Islay Weather stations
The most obvious source to look first is the official observations page from the Met Office. Via this link you get an overview of the current weather as well as the information for the last 48 hours. As far as I know the results displayed on this page are those from Islay Airport. For another way of looking at the data you might want to check out this site. The information is presented in a very pleasant way and when you scroll down you can see graphs with information about the last 24hrs. I guess this information is taken from the same source as that from the Met Office, being Islay Airport. Continue reading....

Kilchoman Weather Station
On the other side of the island, in the Kilchoman area, is another (private) Islay weather station which belongs to Michael Young. This site is perhaps not as posh as the other sites mentioned above but it gives the current weather information you are looking for but without historic data. Check out this link to access the Kilchoman Weather Station

Rainfall Radar
To follow the progress of rain showers and fronts I find the Rain radar by Meteogroup a very useful resource. The site shows a clear map of the UK with zoom functions to zoom in to where you are. For £25 per annum you get more zoom levels and other interesting features. Another good rainfall radar can be found on the netweather site which is also my favourite site for weather forecasts.

The Sea
If you found out what the weather is you might also be interested in the current surf report. Magic Seaweed has an excellent page about the current swells as well as a prediction for the days ahead. Check out the Magic Seaweed website for more info. For the current high and low tides you can visit the Hydrographic Office website.

Your favourite weather station or website here? Let me know!

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